My Top Picks for Electric Smokers

Are  you dreaming of playing on the barbecue contest circuit, you should prepare with wood or charcoal. Most competitions do not permit electric or gas smokers. They're too simple. The noteworthy exception is South Carolina where gas and electric cookers are allowed.

For competitions, smoked meat vs grilled, the most convenient way to go is with a pellet smoker. They are legal since pellets are made from pure wood sawdust. Most importantly, they are thermostat managed so you can provide meat that is completely done right on time. Some are also helpful for barbecuing.

Charcoal and wood burners have to be constructed extremely well to manage the temp. If you're choosing charcoal or wood for fuel, get a unit that is made from heavy gauge steel or one that is covered, make certain it is tight, and that it has an excellent system of dampers, particularly the air supply to the fuel. A great option is to buy Rock's Stoker, a thermostatically regulated blower that manages the oxygen supply to fire cases.

Inexpensive units leak. Your heat and smoke escape. So study the surrounding, fasteners, fuses, and thickness of the element before you buy. Smokers can still play terrific meal; however, the effects are simply a bit less predictable.

Products, artistry, and toughness. How abundant is the element? Thick steel holds and disperses heat better than thin steel. This is particularly necessary for cold weather. Is the metal thick sufficient that it will not warp?  Does it have sharp edges? Durable legs and wheels? Big hinges and latches? Is the paint going to stay water resistant and rustproof?

 Do the moving parts appear like they'll last? Some thoughts on stainless-steel: It reveals dirt, dust, grease, and rain spots. If you are a new freak, you'll go crazy polishing your smoker. It's a barbecue for crying out loud. Who cares if it's filthy on the exterior? 

With wood and charcoal cookers, we survive the heat by cutting back on the oxygen equipment to the fire. To do this, we must have a damper on the firebox and added on the chimney.

You need to find a premium thermometer, and if you purchase among those long barrel formed smokers with a separate firebox holding on the side, you need two thermometers at grate level, not high in the dome, because the temperature left wing and right can be very different. The unhappy fact is that the majority of grill and smoker home builders stint thermometers and they are usually completely unreliable. I have noticed them off by as much as 49 ° F. Plan on buying a great digital thermometer or more. 

Sometimes there is a significant distinction in temperature in the system, particularly with those side fireboxes where it can be 49 to 70 ° F hotter near the firebox than on the opposite side. Is the temperature the same on top as at the bottom of the cabinet or bullet?